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What is Mood Way?

We are a new and exclusive brand that specializes in designs centered around the japanese world and culture. Our work is an original and enthusiastic way of bringing together what we love, a dream born from the passion we feel towards drawing and fashion.

The main idea in mind when making different and varied designs is to appeal to your mood, to awaken feelings you can identify yourself with.

 Moodway's wave

Why a Wave?

This premise is portrayed in the logo of our brand, the “Wave”. From the moment it rises to the second it crashes into the shore, a wave never stays the same, its form changing as it moves forward. It’s the same for everyone, from the moment you wake up to the second you lay down, you experience countless different emotions that give shape to your mood of the moment, an endless cycle you undergo as you live. Be it good or bad, pleasing or upsetting, your mood will change as you move forward along with the wave. It’s precisely that changing mood that we want to address with our different designs.

The Wave is also a reference to the ocean and symbolizes a particularly important feature of Mood Way: we are a brand that supports and cares for the environment. Our clothes are ecological and made up of 100% organic cotton.

Our aim is to bring to our customers clothes that they can wear comfortably, as part of their daily clothing, with fresh and interesting designs that they can enjoy.

We are still growing and coming up with new ideas for designs and collections, so make sure to come back for exciting new content!